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The road to Top 10

Do you want to get Extra Vote Tokens?

Help us get back into the top 10 positions on NameMC and everyone who has liked us will get 10 Vote tokens at the End of the Month!

Follow these steps to Like MineCats, & to enter!


The instructions:

1) Read and understand this page before following these instructions!
2) Go to https://namemc.com/server/play.minecats.com
3) Read & Follow the instructions at the top of that page.
4) You will be given a unique Minecraft address similar to 7185xa43.like.namemc.com
5) Use Minecraft to connect to your unique server address (when your address is used, it will not work again)
Once you connect, you will immediately be disconnected, with a screen that looks similar to  this:
If this screen shows “Your like has been recorded!” You are all set!


6) If you have already “Liked” MineCats (Now or previously) You can confirm you have entered the contest
Go to your profile page and look for your “Favorite Servers” section
(Replace “your minecraft name here” with your username) & You will see this:

7) Tell your friends to Like MineCats on NameMC.
You can even check your friends’ profile page to see if they already Like MineCats! Use the same link above, but put their username instead of yours after the ‘profile/’ part!

If you need to help your friend to connect to NameMC’s server to Like MineCats, you can reload https://namemc.com/server/play.minecats.com to get a new address which you can give to and tell your friend to connect to.  Each address can be used only once, so a new address must be generated from that web page. If you have already Liked MineCats in the past, or have entered our previous NameMC contest, YOU ARE STILL ENTERED (unless you unliked us – :( sad panda is sad)

MineCats rankings on NameMC

Recently, NameMC.com has opened up “voting” for Minecraft servers. This rankings list is based on total number of Likes. Each Minecraft account can ‘like’ the server one time. The servers users like appear on their NameMC user page.  This may allow your friends to see what servers you’re playing on.  Additionally, NameMC has opened up the ability for users to claim their profiles, for each Minecraft account they own.

To “Like” MineCats, go to ->NameMC’s page for MineCats<- You will see a message “To like play.minecats.com, open Minecraft and connect to:” followed by a server address that looks like prga28h6.like.namemc.com  where the prga28h6 portion will be random and change each time the page is (re)loaded. You must use the specific address given to you on the page, or you will not be able to connect to their server to “Like” MineCats.  Once you have done this correctly, you will be disconnected immediate and be given a screen that looks very similar to this:


Once you have voted, and looked at MineCats rankings page, you can click on your name. There are instructions to claim your profile on that page, if you wish to claim it. Choosing to not claim your profile is completely OK. No one else will be able to claim your profile, unless they gain access to your Minecraft account. (don’t let anyone use your account or know your passwords)

Thank You for Liking MineCats on NameMC!  This competition has been much fun!
Time has come for the lucky few to have their names drawn.  Please message AeSix in-game, on Discord or via the forums regarding your prizes!  If you choose to give your prize to someone else, you may do so, but must let AeSix know as soon as possible.

The Winners:
1) Patriot, pick your server  – MegganTheFox
2) Citizen, pick your server – Evilmo
3) Citizen, pick your server – Nekoborg_v7X
EVERYONE who had liked MineCats before competition end will receive 15 tokens!

REMEMBER: Your “LIKE” counts only once! If you try a second time, your “like” will be removed and you will have to re-connect to their server again to “like” MineCats again!

1.9.4 Release and Discord :)

Hello Minecats!

Today Mojang released 1.9.4 for everyone to download. Don’t update just yet.
There is some plugin breaking things in this update and we need to wait for some our most valued plugins like WorldEdit to update to support the latest version.

We are closing watching the plugins so we can move forward when they are released.

In the meantime we are switching from using TeamSpeak to using DiscordApp for our voice chat (It supports text chat too).
Discord is web hosted, so you can get to it without needing to install a client. It also has android and iphone apps.

We addded a music bot to ours, so you can play music for others to share.
Discord Chat

Right now the Server list in your client should tell you to downgrade to 1.9.2 if you have accidentally updated. Do that for now, we will let you know when we are ready. 🙂

Have a purrfect day!

Mojang Releases 1.9 pre-release

Mojang has just released the 1.9 Pre-Release.
Read about that here: http://mojang.com/2016/02/minecraft-19-pre-release-1/

What’s new in 1.9?
First this is called the Combat Update.
There are shields, dual wielding and glide wings.
A new end, some new mobs, some new block and new arrow enchantments.
There’s more.. but if you want to read about it…

Will Minecats update to 1.9?
The short answer is Yes!
When you ask? Well first the server mod we use needs to be released, that normally doesn’t take too long. But then we need to wait for important plugins that we use to also update.
With over 10 different game servers, there are a lot of plugins to check.

We will likely move one or two servers at at time. With a 1.9 lobby and a 1.8 lobby.
1.9 servers will be on the 1.9 lobby and 1.8 servers on the 1.8 lobby.
Based on your client version you will be attached to the correct lobby.

I still haven’t said how long all this will take… It will be as soon as possible. That could be 2 weeks, it could be a month. I will strive for 2 weeks, but some of the plugin updates are out of my control. Some plugins we can do without for a little bit, but others are critical to the servers running.

Will any servers be reset?
The quick answer is No.
However depending on what the update does may change force a change to this answer. I will try my hardest to introduce the new items/abilities without having to reset anything.

Biggest Change will likely be on Survival
Survival’s end right now resets every restart, so you can play with the enderdragon again.
The new end world is very interesting, my initial thought is the end reset will be change to be less often.
Just once a day or once a week… We will seeeeeee.

Have a Happy Purrrrfect Day!