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Mojang Releases 1.9 pre-release

Mojang has just released the 1.9 Pre-Release.
Read about that here:

What’s new in 1.9?
First this is called the Combat Update.
There are shields, dual wielding and glide wings.
A new end, some new mobs, some new block and new arrow enchantments.
There’s more.. but if you want to read about it…

Will Minecats update to 1.9?
The short answer is Yes!
When you ask? Well first the server mod we use needs to be released, that normally doesn’t take too long. But then we need to wait for important plugins that we use to also update.
With over 10 different game servers, there are a lot of plugins to check.

We will likely move one or two servers at at time. With a 1.9 lobby and a 1.8 lobby.
1.9 servers will be on the 1.9 lobby and 1.8 servers on the 1.8 lobby.
Based on your client version you will be attached to the correct lobby.

I still haven’t said how long all this will take… It will be as soon as possible. That could be 2 weeks, it could be a month. I will strive for 2 weeks, but some of the plugin updates are out of my control. Some plugins we can do without for a little bit, but others are critical to the servers running.

Will any servers be reset?
The quick answer is No.
However depending on what the update does may change force a change to this answer. I will try my hardest to introduce the new items/abilities without having to reset anything.

Biggest Change will likely be on Survival
Survival’s end right now resets every restart, so you can play with the enderdragon again.
The new end world is very interesting, my initial thought is the end reset will be change to be less often.
Just once a day or once a week… We will seeeeeee.

Have a Happy Purrrrfect Day!

Mojang Maintenance – 4/14/2015

“In order to perform some much needed updates to our databases we have decided to schedule a maintenance session. It will take place Tuesday April 14 from 08:00 to 12:00 CEST (UTC+2).

During the maintenance period you will not be able to log in to Minecraft, Scrolls, or Cobalt. You will also not be able to join Minecraft servers (including Minecraft Realms). Most of our websites will also be unavailable. This does not affect Minecraft: Pocket Edition or the console editions of Minecraft.

We’re of course sorry about any inconvenience this may cause you. Rest assured that we would not be doing this unless it was absolutely necessary.

/The Mojang Web Force”

Note that’s:
4 am EDT (New York)
3 am CDT (Chicago)
2 am MDT (Denver)
1 am PDT (San Francisco)
5 pm (Tokyo)
6 pm (Sydney)

Its a Jungle out there!

We have a new server coming soon!
Where you will take a walk on the wild sides while gaining ranks.
More info as we get closer to releasing it.

1.8 is Here

Survival and Creative have been updated to 1.8.
Come and check out the new blocks, bunnies and more!

The other servers are coming. Some plugins haven’t been updated yet. We are working with the devs or updating them ourselves.
Have Purrrfect Day!

Lobby Spleef Update

Play a game of Spleef in the lobby!

Fvqu added 3 small spleef arenas in the lobby to play in.
You can select which one you want to play in by clicking one of the corresponding signs on the pillars at spawn. Once enough players have joined the arena, someone can begin the game with the /spleef start command. You do not need a shovel to play.

Plus we are having a contest for you to build a spleef for the lobby!

We sponsored an Ocelot!

Meet PURRfection

Sponsored Ocelot

Sponsored Ocelot

She is the ocelot we have sponsored at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida.

$1 from every store purchase will be going to the Big Cat Rescue to help with these awesome cats!!


Mojang owns Bukkit

Some of you may have heard that Bukkit is dead. That EvilSeph ended the project.
This is wrong, EvilSeph tried to end the project, but Mojang stepped in and announce (Seph confirmed) that they own Bukkit.

Dinnerbone will update Bukkit for 1.8 himself. He had this to say in IRC the other day:

[Dinnerbone] We’re still trying to figure everything out, so I can’t say too much right now sorry – we want Bukkit to continue better than it ever had before

[Dinnerbone] Right now it’s on pause whilst we figure stuff out
[Dinnerbone] But we’ll get back to you all with info just as soon as we have some.

[Dinnerbone] Not going to stop forks, it’s just the official repo is on pause for a short period of time!
[Dinnerbone] (Besides, 1.8 update; good time for a pause as any, it’s gotta change a bunch for the update procedure)

So the Bukkit project is safe, just on a temporary pause. Everyone can go back to their normal activities now. 🙂

1.8 coming soon…

Mojang has announce 1.8 will be released on Sept 2nd (assuming there don’t find any critical bugs that prevent them from releasing)

This release will have all kinds of new and fun features.
Color Beacons, Bunnies, Armor Stands, New Blocks and under water mobs!

Now if you have been playing minecraft on servers for a while you know that it takes our specialized server software and plugins a little bit to update to support the new features. Which with all this new stuff to play with would be sad.

So I have a treat for us. The amazing Spigot development team, (the people who makes the server software we use), have released a patch so I can run a Vanilla server attached to the lobby.
If you log on to the server now you will find a 1.7.10 version running there now. That will be replace by a 1.8 server when it is released, so we can play with the new toys,
while we wait for Bukkit -> Spigot -> Plugins to update.

Here are some picture of some of the new features from some testing I have done.

1.8 Sea Creature

1.8 Sea Creature



Colored Beacons and an Armor Stand

Servers Open Letter to Notch

Please read the open letter to Notch, that some of Minecraft’s largest servers put together:

It pretty much sums up why the new EULA rules won’t work and are very bad for servers.

Please show your support by using the #saveminecraft tag on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you!!
Cindy K