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Discord is a new service that allows communities to grow with voice and text chat. Users can share images, web links, and even videos. Using MineCat’s bot fysyn, users can request songs to be played in a music-only voice channel as well! Listen to music and chat in your favorite server’s text channel, or in one of the general channels!

Come, hang out and share your music with us, chat with us – get in-game and talk with your friends while building that awesome new tower or amazingly cool roleplay area! Ask for help from your fellow Survivalist. Or just babble about your day at school with some friends. We encourage a Family Friendly atmosphere, as MineCats has players of all ages. Maybe even your Mom!

With apps for mobile and desktop computers, you can stay connected with your MineCats friends, and listen to shared music – anywhere.

Joining Discordapp is free. Invitations to MineCats Discord server are also free! To get started click the “Connect” button on the widget to the left, or http://discord.me/MineCats – if don’t have an account, you will be asked to sign up first. If you have an account, you will be asked to sign in first. Then you will be taken to the MineCats Discord Server. Please use your Minecraft username, the one we know you by in MineCats – this will help us know who you are.

Once you are in Discord with us, you can join the #music-control channel to ask fysyn to !play some music for you. You can ask fysyn for !help and to tell you what your !perms are, and what’s !np (now playing) or in the !queue You’ll also need to be in the Music-Only voice channel, or fysyn will ignore you.

CubTamers and Higher even have their own titles!

    Join us on Discord!

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