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The Owner: cindy_k
(semi-)Retired Owner: Awexdio
SysOp: AeSix_Reficul
.            BlueCharm (Legacy)
          Unit285 (Scratch)
           Unassigned (Bedrock)
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The MineCats Community Staff Team:

The Staff Team on The MineCats Community is a great place to be, there are many advantages to being on Staff.  However, Staff positions are reserved for those who are able and wanting to help make MineCats a great place to play.

Please begin your journey into The MineCats Community Staff Team by reading the pages linked below as well as the rest of this page.  Order does not matter, as long as you read and understand each page, and agree.

So you want to be staff…
(Read This First)
MineCats Community Staff Chart

The Staff Chart Summary:

NON-STAFF: Serf (shunned) <-> Peasant (guest) -> Villager (member) -> Knight (helper)
Admin Staff: ChatMod -> Moderator -> GameMaster -> Admin
Executive Staff: SrAdmin -> GameOp | SysOp | Owner (not promotable)

The above is a summation of the staff ladders.  The entire chart, which includes responsibilities as well as privileges and areas of control, is available at MineCats Community Staff Chart

Any Staff may additionally hold any combination of other earned/donation positions on any combination of game servers.

Knight; Becoming Staff:

All staff start off as Knights.  Any Member who shows they are able, willing and are doing the things we expect of helpers, may be offered the position of Knight.  Only Knights may apply to become ChatMods.

Once a Knight has applied for staff, there will be a review of the Knight by higher staff.  There are 2 possible outcomes of this process:

    • The Knight may be promoted to ChatMod.
    • The Knight may be denied promotion at any time, with a reason given.
Please Note:

All Staff are expected to be shining examples of The MineCats Community.
All Staff are expected to read, understand & agree to the terms & policies set forth in:

State of The MineCats Community

This page is password protected.  Once you are ChatMod, you will have access to this page.  Why wait? Because You will probably already know and understand what is in this page if you’ve been accepted as a ChatMod, and is here only for your reference and to call out specific requirements.  Remember: You have asked US to become part of the staff team.  You will be required to follow the policies and rules as every other staff is.

The MineCats Community Rules:

1) Be Respectful, Courteus & Kind to others, yourself & staff.
2) Remain family friendly & all-ages appropriate in public chat.
3) Be appropriate & respectful in play, roleplay (RPs) and PVP.
4) Do not create inappropriate builds, sings, symbols or books.
5) Use only tools & items which cannot give an unfair advantage.
6) Gently & cheerfully remind others of the /rules, as needed.
7) Be socially polite and civil to others, even rule breakers!
8) Do not excessively: repeat, smash, SHOUT (caps) or swear.
9) Use only the appropriate channel for player announcements.
10) Keep chat subjects on topic & appropriate for the channel.
11) Do not recruit others to play on or staff other servers!
12) Do not discuss other servers or realms in public channels.
13) Abide by any instruction given to you by MineCats Staff.

Each Server has specific rules which apply only to those servers.  These must also be followed by all staff.