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Retired Owner: Awexdio
SysOp: AeSix_Reficul
GameOp: BlueCharm
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MineCats Community Staff Chart
So you want to be staff… (Read This First)

We are getting closer to accepting staff applications!  Anyone may apply, however we’re not accepting applications – which means that if You apply, and You are NOT a CubTamer (and only a CubTamer), Your application will be denied outright! Applications from CubTamers will not be denied for that alone, but will sit until such time as we accept applications.  Your patience is greatly appreciated!

A quick rundown for how this is going to work: I will be working with current CubTamers to move them into their new Staff Positions before accepting new apps. Players of any current non-staff position (including donators, builders, etc) who wish to be staff must apply for Knight first.

Knights are players of two categories:
Community helpers who want to give back to the server(s) they play on the most, and for which they know a great deal about
Players who are in-training to become ChatModerators. Training time depends upon each player and their own progress.

Currently, CubTamers may apply for any of 3 new Staff Positions:
* Knight ( For any CT who wants to be only a trusted helper)
* ChatMod (This replaces the /actual/ duties of the CubTamer Position)
* Moderator (For those who want to do more – Promotions are not guranteed)

Everyone should check out the new Staff Info page at and read the two pages linked there!  Sorry phone users, you’ll need to use desktop mode on your browser to read the staff chart properly.

Thank You all for being amazing, awesome people, players and members of The MineCats Community!