The Minecats Survival Server allows to play minecraft while battling the wilds to gather resources.

Check out the Map: Survival

No Griefing
No Advertising
Don’t spam or swear in chat
Do not argue with Staff.
No PvP is allowed



/sethome – Sets your home
/sethome [name] – for citizens and up with multiple homes.
/build – to go out to survival and build your house
/homeregion – to get back to your region post
/money – to see how many treats you have
/money pay player amount – to send money to another player
/market help – Help for the global market
/stables help – Help for using stables


All players can /petspawn ocelot

Citizens can:
Tame – with
Cow: Seeds
Pig: Pork
Chicken: Melon Seeds
Wolf: Pork

Patriots can:
Tame – with
Bats: Spider Eye
Creeper: Flint
Skeleton: Bone
Slime: Slime_Ball
SnowMan: Snow_Ball
Zombie: Feather